Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lightweight Wheelchairs

Lightweight wheelchairs are manual wheelchairs which weigh as much as 36 pounds. Manual wheelchair can be generally  very clumsy because of the heaviness. Luckily, lightweight wheelchairs are already out there for a while. Most of this type of wheelchair are coded as K0004 (a Medicare code) which lessens the associated fee as in comparison with a regular manual wheelchair.

Unlike standard wheelchairs which function permanent choices and are suitable for a limited time period assist, lightweight wheelchairs present extended mobility support. They require little propulsion effort, and they are highly maneuverable, better managed, and simple to move alongside completely different places. Attributable to decrease propulsion effort, they conserve energy and cause a decrease scale of post-utilization fatigue. You'll be able to select from folding or manual versions of lightweight wheelchairs.

Lightweight wheelchairs are more expensive than standard manual wheelchairs, but they might have higher durability, they could be easier to maneuver, and so they might have more options available to customise the chair to the patient.

Transport wheelchairs are wheelchairs with 4 small wheels, so that they can't be self-propelled. Some transport chairs are lighter in weight and smaller than standard wheelchairs, making them notably helpful for transport on and off an airplane or out and in of a car. Alternatively, taking the arm and leg rests off  a standard wheelchair can make it lighter to elevate into a car, or a wheelchair lift could also be hooked up to a car.

Whether or not you're  a common traveler or  an active person who does not need to be decelerated  down by a heavy wheelchair, lightweight wheelchairs may offer you a handy mobility options.

Most lightweight wheelchairs are  great for moving people around as they weigh far less. Ultra-lightweight wheelchairs aren't medically vital for all Medicare beneficiaries however they are essential for a lot of to take care of movability independence.

What is outlined as a lightweight Wheelchair ?
Standard wheelchair weight is 35-44 lbs. Lightweight wheelchair is 29-34 lbs .  Folding Ultra light is lower than 30 and could be 14- 30 lbs.

Lightweight wheelchairs could be still operated by battery and move round with little effort which might be nice for a patient who is weak and may't transfer himself round within the traditional wheelchair .

Lightweight wheelchairs offer all the advantages of normal  wheelchairs, and extra .   Lightweight wheelchairs are designed for old individuals users . There are older people who need to use light and straightforward to fold wheelchair design.

Most lightweight wheelchairs have changeable back heights, flip-back armrest, seats and fast-release functionality. The load with out footers are around 28 lbs. and the weight capacity is 250 lbs.

Any model of lightweight wheelchairs will be ordered with completely different seat heights, seat widths, seat depths, leg pads, as well as other options and  additions.

Most lightweight wheelchairs are folding wheelchairs or can be broken down into pieces for transport. Virtually each wheelchair manufacturer has their own line of extremely lightweight wheelchairs, so you may be spoiled for choice.

In the  higher value range, it's often used by folks with long-term incapacity,    wheelchairs, with extra options . The upper end of the market comprises ultra-lightweight wheelchairs, wider seats and accessories, with all types of for terrain.

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