Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Types of Wheelchair Accessory

wheelchair accessories

Are you planning to get a gift for a friend who is a wheelchair user? Why don't you get him a wheelchair accessory that he can use practically every day? If you are not familiar with wheelchairs accessories and this is your first time to buy one, you should be aware that there are different types of accessories for your friend's personal mobility device that you can choose from. You can easily select what kind of accessory you should buy for your friend if you consider his own particular needs. Here are some popular types of accessories:

Safety Accessories: Perhaps the most basic and most crucial type of wheelchair accessory is the safety accessory. The purpose of a safety accessory is to make sure the safety of its user, whether by holding the wheelchair firmly in place while a person with disabilities is riding a customized vehicle or by keeping a person's body strapped to a wheelchair and preventing him from falling off it while he is navigating his personal mobility device. Some examples of this accessories that fall under this category are wheelchair straps, wheelchair restraints, wheelchair tie-downs and the wheelchair L track.

Storage Accessories: Another important kind of wheelchair accessory is the storage accessory. This enables a wheelchair user to carry his personal things, such as clothes, books, electronic gadgets, food and even toys, with him wherever he goes. Some examples of storage accessories are wheelchair bags and wheelchair backpacks.

Productivity Accessories: The group of this kind of accessories that helps a wheelchair user to become more productive may be called productivity accessories. One example is the wheelchair tray, which makes it easy for a person with disabilities to use his laptop or write on a paper notebook even when there is no table around. Another example of this type of accessory is the wheelchair cup holder, which enables a person to easily drink his favorite beverage even while he is working.

If your friend is primarily concerned with safety, you should get him a safety accessory like straps or wheelchair tie-downs. If he is a pack rat, he will certainly appreciate practical and roomy storage accessories. These wheelchair bags and backpacks come in different designs so you can easily find one that he will like. If he is a multitasked, it's a good idea to buy a productivity accessory for him, such as tray or a wheelchair cup holder.

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