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Important Wheelchair Etiquette

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Some of the people don't know how to handle or deal with people who are using wheelchairs. This problem is perhaps due to the people's different way of thinking towards the person, people's reluctance to follow good manners, or simply people's ignorance about wheelchair etiquette. But to evaluate this, there is a crucial effect towards the people who are using wheelchairs. They may not feel good or they maybe develop a sense of insecurity or they would tend to have low self esteem. But not only that, this may cause a psychological effect that may lead to the slow recovery of the person.

If you are a member of a family in which one of the family members is using wheelchair, then there is a need for you to develop this wheelchair etiquette. In this way you can help him or her recover faster in the sense that you are giving importance to his development as a person who is using a wheelchair.

Here are the useful guides or etiquette on how to act or respond properly to people who are using wheelchairs.

Always put in mind that a person sitting on a wheelchair is not sick always. So, if you want to extend your help, always as if he or she needs it.

If you are talking to the person, be sure that you are in a good direction for him to clearly see you and understand you better. It is advised to sit with the same level to the person's positions, especially if you have long conversations.

Don't add the person's wheelchair weight by leaning to his or her wheelchair. Actually, the wheelchair is already part of his or her body weight already. So, avoid it.

If you will have group meetings or any event or occasion, give a special attention to person sitting on a wheelchair. Make sure that he knows where the bathroom is, and place him near to it for easier access. But if cannot do it alone, you can assist then.

If your children will keep on looking to a person sitting on a wheelchair, don't scold them directly. Find a right time to let them understand why people are using wheelchair for them to not to do that silly action again which affecting the person too.

Respect the person who is sitting on a wheelchair. Don't just do whatever you want to do like joking while patting or pushing a bit. These minor actions may not be healthy for them.

Always, think that being a person in a wheelchair doesn't mean of losing hope of a person's life. Actually, this is helping him to become more self reliant and independent. So trust him too.

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